Cave Springs Winery Wedding Niagara | Chris & Melissa

This organic chic, Cave Springs Winery wedding in the Niagara Peninsula was an intimate and relaxed spot for an outdoor ceremony.  Chris and Melissa wanted to have a fun and free flowing feel to their wedding day, which took place on the vineyard and then at their venue on Main St. in Jordan, right across the street from their hotel.  A wedding day with everything in close proximity allows for a nice, natural,  go with the flow kind of day.


The couple also chose to not have a wedding party, instead they wanted to have more time to hang out with their friends and family after their photoshoot at the vineyard.  That gave us extra time to take photos of them with all of their friends at cocktail hour having a fun time and setting the party mood for the evening.


I also wanted to note the great guest favour idea of giving out natural bars of soap!  They wanted to share something that was useful to everyone, and also a product that they love.  Chris and Melissa also had a Magnolia Fine Art Guest Book made from their engagement shoot photos, and the guests had a blast checking out their photos and writing them wedding day messages.  Check out some highlights below!
Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0003 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0004 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0009 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0010 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0011 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0012 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0013 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0014 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0017 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0019 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0020
Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0022 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0023 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0027 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0028 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0029 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0031 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0033 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0034 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0035 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0039 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0040 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0042Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0021 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0043 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0048 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0050Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0066 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0053 Cavesprings_Winery_Wedding_NOTL-0056


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