Business Branding Photo Shoot for Creative Entrepreneurs

A business branding photo shoot is more important than ever in this instagram/hashtag world we live in. Creative entrepreneurship is becoming a choice for so many people nowadays, and the way we present our businesses to the world does a whole lot in terms of creating a connection with our audience,  relaying a message about our brand, and providing an instant snapshot of who we are and what we represent.


I have worked with many creative entrepreneurs who are making waves in their niches,  and a big part of that has been elevating their online presence and showing more of themselves to the world.  Photographs speak volumes – so much more than we realize on the surface, and it provides creative entrepreneurs a way to instantly relay a mood or feeling to their audience.


An updated website also builds trust and confidence in your clients in knowing you are actively working in your field, are really engaged with your business, and overall value connecting with your audience and keeping them updated in your work life.


The shoot below was done many years ago, and was one of my first branded photoshoots for a website designer/creative entrepreneur/blogger, Rachel Cravit, of her workspace, favourite things and her overall aesthetic.


Check it out below and if you want something similar give me a shout!



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